Señor Lizal

An little evil fanged monkey with a charming personality (lives inside of a puppet)


AC 17
All Saves 10

Venomous fangs deal 1d4 piercing damage + 1d6 venomous damage per turn
Character has vast knowledge (has lived for over 2000 years), but is not very powerful, except maybe for his deep knowledge of rituals
Will often flee if in danger


Señor Lizal has been around for over 2000 years, he is Neutral Evil, and acts out of bore. He basically wants to end the world because he thinks it is “lacking of purpose”.

He usually lives inside a human-like puppet, and presents a charming personality.
The puppet can actually detach itself from Lizal and act on its own.

He usually has a very strange construct as a companion. The construct also poses as a human. Name is unknown.

Señor Lizal

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